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Today was the first cook on my grill. First time Kamado owner as well. Done plenty of charcoal grilling but not much low and slow if any experience. 

Loaded grill with kJ lump. Seasoned 2 racks of St. Louis style pre cut ribs from Costco. Used 2 meat church rubs. One was a pecan something and other was honey bacon bbq. 

Got the grill grate temp to 250 and the gauge to around 245-250. Pretty steady on both. Had the slo roller in the grill. I didn’t add any wood chunks because first I didn’t have any and second I didn’t want to impart too much smoke right off the bat. Cooked for 2 hours then 3rd hour spritzed water (didn’t haven’t any apple juice) every 20 minutes for an hour. Then let them ride for another hour, then added some sweet baby rays bbq sauce on top for another 30-45 minutes. Tooth pick probe test was on point. 

They had a good crust or bark to them, came off the bone clean, and didn’t just fall off by them self. When I did do the bend test they were starting to break so you could say the were over tender. I could care less yesterday lol. Also, had about 3 coors lights and 3 local IPA’s . Lol pulled the ribs off and brought up the grill to 450 and grilled some squash. 

Was a good time. Thanks for reading. 




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Congratulations on pulling off such a great looking first cook!  It looks like you hit it out of the park on the very first try.  Your new KJ grill looks very nice,  lots of nice features.

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