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Is my pizza stone causing my pizzas to burn?


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8 minutes ago, Jack. said:

Truly spectacular pizzas, John.  What a great way to demonstrate your point about hydration and timing.

Have you moved to Naples and not told us? :-D


Thanks Jack :)  No.. I am not a true pizzaiolo YET!  I just take my pizza game seriously.  I love all styles of pizza... these photos are just some of the higher temp pizzas I cook.  Cooking is an art as much as it is a science.  The art part of it is why everyone can't be great at it... lol.  I also recently purchased this:






Modernist Pizza.... I haven't opened any of these books to even browse them yet.  I decided I needed to start a KETO diet after I ordered these :)  Pizza will still happen around here but it will happen on cheat days, which won't be that frequent for a while yet... lol.  I gotta get my fat ### back into shape again.  

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