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Large BGE shell for 375.00

Scott Roberts

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On local craigslist here in the Hudson Valley someone has an Large BGE for sale for 375.00 but its only the shell no guts, @keeperovdeflame can you and anyother BGE owner on the Guru by looking at the seven photos provided if this is a good deal or leave alone!? The last photo looks to have a crack in it too!










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In the photo above there is clearly a crack the runs across the middle of the kettle bottom and up the side to the vent hole. A crack in a fire box is one thing. A crack in the case, like this, is quite another. I have seen pictures of  kamados split from the bottom like this eventually dump lighted coals on what ever surface they are sitting. Personally I would pass on this one. 

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Depends on how good of shape it was in, I have seen well used, complete BGE for as low as 375, That one has had use as well as for sale missing the main ceramic components. It has the small handle so it is more than 5 or so years old. If it didn't have the crack in the case, I would offer him 250.  

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2 hours ago, TKOBBQ said:

I'd say someone got a warranty replacement and now they are trying to pass the cracked one off to someone else for a profit.  Definitely a no go for me.

Exactly what TKOBBQ said i was getting brand new in box large bge in my area for 600-750 with accesories from cl 


I believe 800 850 is what a large bge goes for brand new 


So that is a bad deal for just the guts when this peep got a brand new top and bottom 

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