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8 minutes ago, CentralTexBBQ said:


I absolutely add my rub to the finished pulled pork. Sometimes, I add a sauce. Perhaps, you've hit on the solution however. Decide what you want to do; stick with it; don't tamper with the cook; pull it when it's done. 


Also, cooking to temp is fine. You might want to combine that with cooking to tenderness as a second check. The Texas mantra is "It's done when it's done".

I did cook to probe tender with the last butt (the larger) i used the 'feels like probing peanut butter' theory that i read on here from some wise individual... that was the key, as i am a tactile learner


yup... gonna pick ONE method and stick to it... for the dads day butts, im going with meatheads technique... your sauce will be an accompaniment 


thanks everyone for your insight and suggestions!

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6 hours ago, philpom said:

Must have been a good size crowd, how many people did you feed and did you have any left?  

Looks good!


Prepared for (40) and there were at least that many. Perhaps (1.5) pints of slaw and (1.3) butts left over. I took the whole butt and served it at Church the next day and the remainder was taken by guests for snacks. I had estimated it would take three butts however, I can buy (4) butts for less than the price of (3). 

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i found a pretty good deal (i think) on bone-in butts at sams yesterday...$1.50/lb


ribs (BBs and StLs) were a good price as well... by unit cost they came out to $9/rack


got my butts and will drop them on the fire late Saturday for the sunday shindig


hope mine look as good as yours!

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