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New Member - Loving My KJ Classic II!

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Hello Everyone, 

After agonizing for months about which way to go with my grill choice, I bumped into the world (sect?) of Kamados and have been in awe ever since!

Seven months ago I bought my Kamado Joe Classic II and have done plenty of research about proper Kamado cooking (I am now studying Meathead’s book, which is incredibly helpful). I am loving my KJ and have enjoyed every moment I cooked in it - I think I am getting the hang of it and am really loving its versatility.  

Among other stuff, I have made some great pizza (after much research about the original Neapolitan recipe) and some great brisket (thank you John Setzler for your awesome YouTube videos!)

As a newbie to the Kamado world, I am looking forward to learning from all of you grill masters and enjoying your company!



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Welcome to the forum Stefano, glad you joined!  After seven months of cooking on your KJ Classic II you are no newbie, it sounds like you have been making the most of the time.  Always happy to see another nutmegger join the forum, I use to live in Trumbull, just up the Merritt parkway.    

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Thank you all for the kind words and the encouragement! 


Bob, special thanks to you for the warm welcome! We have friends from Trumbull who now live in town, small world! I am very happy with my Joe and with what I am getting out of it, although I still have much to learn and even more to experiment - but that is a fun process to go through anyway  ;-) 

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