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Importing Kamados from China Factory ANY IMPORT EXPERTS?


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I have been looking at Alibaba and there are so many manufacturers of ceramic kamados.

The price is 1/4 -1/3 of retail, BUT the hard part to swallow is shipping. 


Has anyone ordered things from Alibaba - large / heavy like this?


MOQ = Minimum Order Quanity = sometimes is 1 or 2 but Never to fill a container!


Anyone will expertise in this area? imports? I am near Long Beach for major international port of entry. 

The number of containers and activity is unbelievable. 



For example the single 23" MODEL:


Grill Diameter: 59cm/23.2inch
Grid  Diameter: 52cm/20.5inch
Kamado cooking Area:2123sq cm/329sq in
Net Weight:95kg
Weight(with CTNS):103kg
Assembled size: 128*80*120cm   
Package size:75*66*92cm
Sample wooden packing dimension:88*78*94cm
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I don't have any experience having something of this size shipped to me, but I did consider going this route to save some money. What swayed me away from ordering direct is consider what you will do if something goes wrong or you need to make a warranty claim. Are you going to pay shipping on a replacement firebox? Are you going to just buy a new grill and wait the month or so that it takes to get over seas? 

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Not an expert, but have lived on the fringes of logistics most of my career. 


For the price, buy two and keep one for parts/backup. The shipping charge probably wouldn't be too divergent if they were crated together. The trick would be finding an LTL carrier that isn't FedEx (or the other, usual suspects) to convey the freight. They're out there, but it'll take some footwork. 


One other consideration is that when you ship like this you typically take possession of the good once it leaves the FOB point, leaving you on the hook 100% for the transit. If you can, find a freight forwarder that offers insurance. 



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