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Cherry Glaze and BBQ Sauce

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BBQ Sauce. Cherry

I amended from  recipe below

Balsamic glaze in a bottle from the store about ¼ cup

Agave syrup  (any sweetener like molasses ) about ¼ cup

½ of the recipe brown sugar

Honey ¼ cup

Cinnamon ¼ teaspoon

2 cloves




i gotta say this stuff is awesome. I was short on Brown Sugar so I improvised.... The worst part is pitting 4c of fresh cherries. Worth it though!

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12 minutes ago, Mccaf said:

The worst part is pitting 4c of fresh cherries. Worth it though!


Ahhh, do you have a cherry pitter? Makes quick work of pitting cherries. Bed Bath and Beyond - just a few dollars for the small hand held version. 


Last year I made Ranier Cherry jam and froze a bunch of Ranier cherries. Wouldn't have done it without the pitter. 



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Pitter ¡Si! Amigo!     

Still a PITA to pit. LOL.


BEdBath&Beyond is where I got mine a few hrs ago. The Cherries are just coming to market here in SOCAL. Don’t know the origin though, Mex? PNW?


Basting my Costco Baby Backs in the glaze as we speak. I strained off the thin stuff

before reducing it for a nice thin basting glaze, and reduced the rest for a silky Traditional BBQ sauce


I’m thinking a  good apply cider splash would go well in the sauce with this also.

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