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What do you wish you knew sooner about Kamado Cookery?

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19 hours ago, shuley said:

The only thing I wish I would have learned earlier was how awesome kamado cooking was.  I feel like I wasted years on my gasser.  Everything else I learned, I feel like I earned?  Maybe that's a weird way to phrase it but I'm ok with the fact that I had to learn specific things.  It made it more memorable. 


I was a looooong time devoted gasser, too (still am on chili night... :roll:). I wish I learned about kamado cooking earlier. My prior experience with coal-fired barbecue and grilling was limited to cheap-o kettles, disposable grills, and cruddy public park grills. Also, I had no experience with lump, only briquettes, so I had a negative outlook beyond gassers. 


A BGE-owning buddy showed me the light...

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to be patient...


with my fire


with the edibility learning curve...


and with myself... in MY eyes, I am a complete (insert adjective of your choice here) stumbling thru the educational process that is kamado cooking... in reality, my family has yet to turn down a meal made with fire in any way, shape, or form... even things i would be reluctant to give to my ex-wife


and of course, finding this forum which is a goldmine of info

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1 hour ago, TexasBlues said:

to be patient...


with my fire

This. Fires need to mature.

I knew briquettes needed to ash-over before cooking, I learned lump needs the same thing.

- When using a chimney, all the lump needs to ash-over before dumping

- When lighting in-situ, wait for the thick white smoke to clear before adding food (or smoking wood)


HAve fun,


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