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Introducing myself and my kamado Joe


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Hello everyone, 


I finally joined the Kamado Joe team. Pulled the trigger and bought a big Joe at a local Costco Road show. I also have a weber 26incher which I love. And a camp chef flat top. After approx 5 years of day dreamin’ and planning i finally have my bbq island. It just needs counters now.


cant wait to enjoy my first cook on my big joe. Any ideas on what I should kick first while learning the intricacies of the big joe.


lastly where can I buy some kamado joe feet? I didn’t see any on the kamado joe website. Any other credible sites to buy from at decent price? Thanks everyone.




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Welcome, that is truly a beautiful and efficient looking cooking spot. Not sure that KJ makes feet. But, you could easily make some simply by cutting one of those large paver bricks into 2" blocks. Set flat on the bottom surface and protected by the side and back walls of the kamado enclosure you made, your BJ sitting on 2" blocks  is going to be  supper secure. If it was me doing it, I would put one 2"block in the center and then four around the outside circumference of the kettle. All you really need is an air space, and 2" is perfect. The brick blocks will match your outdoor cooking island perfectly. You did and outstanding job of laying out and building that island, any backyard chef would be happy to have that set up in their backyard. 

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