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Celery Juice

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I’ve heard a lot about the supposed health benefits of starting the day with a glass of celery juice. Anyone tried it and noticed any effects?

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My thoughts on it are this...buy organic, make sure it's not GMO.

In fact after watching an episode of dr OZ I'm going all organic whenever possible.


Over 80% of genetically modified (GM) crops grown worldwide are engineered to tolerate being sprayed with glyphosate herbicides. GM glyphosate-tolerant crops have led to a 239 million kilogram (527 million pound) increase in herbicide use in the US between 1996 and 2011, compared with the amount that would have been used if the same acres had been planted to non-GM crops. People and animals that eat GM glyphosate-tolerant crops are eating potentially high levels of Roundup residues.


Just read that the president signed an order allowing the reduction in regulations that might delay introduction of new GM plants.

Great if you are monsanto, bad if you eat food.

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