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Newbie from CLT North Carolina

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Hi All - After years of prodding from my buddies and my wife, I am finally going to pull the trigger on a Kamado style grill. My buddy has the BGE and loves it, but based on my research,  hands on and through the internet, I have decided that I would like to purchase the Kamado Joe Classic. 


My initial thought is that I since I have waiting for so long to by my new Kamado, that I would just wait until my local Costco has their annual roadshow, but now that I have seen there are other internet companies that have very competitive prices including shipping as compared to Costco. 


Also - I see that Costco has the Classic II and not the new Classic III - are the update to the 3 worth the extra $$ ?


Since my wife has a beef allergy, my cooking focus will be on Ribs, Wings and Pizza. 


Thanks and cant wait to begin my foray into this new hobby. 

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Welcome to the forum and, hey,  post the prices you are looking at.  I'm very happy with my Joe Classic and really can't imagine I'd be any happier with a lid I could leave in any position and needed to latch closed.  I got a good price on mine on a Amazon Prime Day deal and have only recently seen the same price offered by others (2 years later).  Whatever you do I predict you'll be happy with a Joe.

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