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Does anyone know of a cast iron grill that can be put on the regular grate? I would like to be able to sear steak over direct heat without fat dripping into the fire. I’m guessing that cast iron would hold the heat best, though I’ve heard that aluminum will transfer the heat faster. On the other hand I don’t know about the max heat for aluminum and whether there are health concerns when the temp gets that high.


So far, the only options I’ve found would involve removing handles. Not a problem in use, as the base would be left to cool along with the grate, but what does it take to remove the handle??

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Whatever you do, don't get something too big. You need to have airflow around whatever you put in there to keep the fire burning clean. I tried to do some potato wedges this weekend and my skillet was too big. It smoked like crazy and wouldn't burn clean. I pulled the pan out and everything cleared up. 

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