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Make-shift Porchetta in a pinch

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I wanted to make a porchetta with a pork tenderloin and pork belly, but my local meat spot has to special order it, so I went with a pork butt and decided not to bust out the rotisserie.  I minced fresh garlic and rosemary with a little thyme, course black pepper, and some fennel seeds.  Also added a bit of cayenne just because.  I muddle all of that up with some olive oil and the whole house smelled great.  I scored the fat cap and the other side of the meat, and then took a chance and sliced the length of the meat side until it was only attached by about 2 inches of the fatty end and rubbed it all over, then tied the heck out of it.  Didn't know it could look the way it did...


Got really long.  Chicken breast was on sale so I got a few other those, and in the middle is the garlic for the aioli @John Setzler posted on here.  Thanks for that, John!  The side with the diffuser that the pork is over was between 300 and 350 the whole time.



Here's how it came out.  I let it get to 146 throughout before I pulled it and let it rest.



Sliced it up and here's how it turned out.



I then buttered some of these gluten free bread and put garlic powder and italian seasoning on it, toasted that on the grill, put on John's aioli and some arugula, and everybody shut up.  After all the food was gone, I told them that was gluten free bread and they were surprised.  This is some of the better bread I've come across for those who have that type of diet.



All in all, it was a success.  Sorry for no final picture, but I may come back and add one this evening with what I have left.  This was definitely a success, but I'd like to do it again with the pork belly and loin to have more surface area for the seasoning on the inside.  The aioli was great, @John Setzler!  Thanks for sharing!

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5 hours ago, SmoovD said:

Nice looking cook. If you haven't tried Tango Spice Co.'s Porchetta rub, you might want to do so. Tasty and shake it out of the bottle easy.


I'll have to give that a shot and add some extra rosemary from our garden. I love some rosemary!

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    • By Big Biscuit
      My better half has been craving porchetta for a while now, so Saturday morning I took a ride to the butchers and picked up a pork belly for Mother's day. Got home Saturday prepped it, tied it up, and in the fridge it went. Come Sunday morning I took it out of the fridge at 9:00 am place it on the counter, and organized my equipment. I went out just before 11:00 am and lit the B&B charcoal I had placed in there earlier. Let the fire starters burn out shut the dome and let it come up to 350°. Once I got the temp dialed in and the KJ all warmed up on went the meat and in just under 4 hours pulled out this magnificent looking piece of meat. All I could say was that my wife was very pleased with her porchetta. 

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      Someone had suggested making a porchetta on the Joetisserie. For those (like me) who aren't familiar with it, it is basically a pork belly with the skin on, rolled, cooked, and sliced for sandwiches and such. The goal is a buttery juicy interior and a crispy flakey exterior. And I think it was an outstanding success, if I do say so myself
      Whole pork belly, had to ask the butcher at the asian market for it. Sprinkled it with salt, sliced garlic, dried rosemary, and ground fennel seeds. Roasted on Joetisserie for about 3 hours, but fought to keep temperatures below 400, due to the grease keeping the fire going! Sorry I don't have any pictures of it sliced, but we sure enjoyed it.

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