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Kamado Joe 2 vs Kamado big joe 2

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Time for a new grill was deciding between the Kamado joe 2 and the big joe 2 besides the obvious size any thing else that’s different.

Do they have the same amount of accessories 

thanks for any input 

Also gonna need a good grill cover any suggestions

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Just got a BJ3 and have no regrets or second thoughts on it versus the Classic 3.  With the new basket, it’s easy to build smaller/limited fires for smaller meals.   We like to have people over, so I really like the extra space.   I am sure with all of the cooking level options out there, either could accommodate a crowd, but for me, I just like the BJ.  Another benefit is that when I am standing next to BIg Joe has a slimming affect.  :)


 As others mentioned, all accessories are available, for a few dollars more.   I went with the standard cover, but Coverstore.com has options for the Classic 2 and BJ2, with their top of the line, slightly cheaper than KJ covers.   


Good luck and Happy Grilling!

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I purchased the classic II in December of last year and love it.  It's fine for 80% of the cooking and smoking we do, but since we're starting to entertain more often at our home, I started looking at the Big Joe.  The last AGC Father's day sale put me over the edge and went for the BJ.  I don't think I'll have any regrets doing so.  For now I'll keep both. :) 

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