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sloroller care

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Hello, I am new here and have a classic 3 on the way. I’ve been reading a lot but I am still unclear on a few points and would love any advice you guys can give on the new sloroller:


I’ve seen a number of videos from John Setzler (which are fantastic BTW!) In some he appears to use a drip pan and in some he doesn’t. Given the sloroller appears all about airflow, I’m wondering if using a drip pan matters in that regard or not? How does one make the decision to use a drip pan vs not?


The sloroller is not suppose to exceed 500 F, but that’s the sloroller’s temp, not the heat measured by the dome thermometer, grate temp, etc. It’s obviously much closer to the fire so I’m wondering if there is any kind of guidance on what kind of temp at the grates or dome one should limit oneself to when using the sloroller?



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