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Pellet Pitboss Bark with SPG


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Hi Guys,


I have a pellet grill and dont seem to get a nice bark using only SPG. I cook at 225 and seem to get internal temp of 180+ too fast before it actually darkens just a bit outside where I find myself wrapping, I'm i doing something wrong?


I tried spritzing once every 30 mins to avoid burning but still dont seem to get a dark bark.

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While I only have kamados, not pellet grills and I don’t know what meat you are cooking, I can give you a few general guidelines I follow. 


1) try not wrapping. 


2) don’t wrap until the bark had set, you should scrape your finger nail across the bark and it should come off. 


3) add other stuff such as brown sugar(pork) or ground coffee (beef). 


4) use more rub. 

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First, try cooking hotter. 275 may be better than 225, but with a pellet grill you may get less smoke flavor. 


Second, do not wrap. Wrapping is the enemy of great bark. It has its purpose and place, but if you are after bark no wrapping until the meat is completely done. You can wrap in paper for the hold when it comes off the grill. 


Stop looking at the internal temp. That is for poultry and rare steaks. In BBQ you are cooking for a long time to tenderize a tough cut of meat. It is done when it is tender, not at a specific temperature. 

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