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Grilled Stuffed Lobster

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Since there's a grilled shellfish throwdown in progress on another forum and my local Market Basket had lobster on sale this week, it's a perfect pairing. In the past I would use the gasser since it could easily accommodate my largest aluminum pan, but the gasser is no more. So both the Bubba Keg and Goldens' Cast Iron were called into service today.


Both Kamados up to temp and up to the task.




Lobster prepared two ways today. Bubba gets the chore of steaming the whole lobsters with corn and red potatoes. The Goldens' is put to duty for Grilled Stuffed Lobster Tails. 


Preparation of the Stuffing ingredients. Scallops, shrimp, crabmeat. Butter, scallions, onion, garlic, lemon, parsley and Ritz crackers make up the remainder of the stuffing.




Break out the Lodge cast iron to saute the butter, onion, garlic and scallion on the Keg which was set up for indirect.




Add in all the seafood, Ritz crackers and parsley which then gets set aside once the lobster tails are ready to stuff.




Two lobsters ready to steam with red potatoes and corn on the Keg, prior to covering with foil. A bit of Old Bay added to the mix along with S&P.




Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the steamed lobster when it was done. Visualize the above picture, coloring the lobsters red. :wink:


Over on the Goldens', the grilled stuffed tails and claws are almost ready. 




Plated shots. 


The Grilled Stuffed Lobster Tail is ready to eat!




I also made some steamers, served with melted butter & garlic and cole slaw to go with this feast! We never even made it to the steamed lobsters, the Mrs and I were stuffed, much like these lobsters. We get to eat lobster again tomorrow. :biggrin1:




Quite the New England Lobster feast!


As always, thanks for checking out this post. 



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