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Hey all!


I hope everyone had a great weekend, and those that are father's were able to enjoy their day...


I was posting with @CentralTexBBQ in another thread called 4 of a kind, but wanted to post his one here


i have been struggling as of late with the learning curve of the Primo... some meals have been better than others and i had yet to REALLY be pleased with any smoked item i have made to date...


for Father's Day, i decided to make a couple butts for a get together with the family off site... about 40 mins away on Lake Allatoona


I admit, I did NOT trim the butts... i salted on friday night and put them in the icebox until cook time on saturday...


my bride and I worked on saturday and after supper and sowers, i got my fire going... left it unmolested for 20 mins to get going...


Full KAB and some apple chips would be the smoke... i put the smoke on after the temp stabilized and dad held for 45 mins at 237


i dropped on just over 18 lbs of butts and let them run at 237... shooting for an internal temp of 190


i also misted every so often with apple juice/ apple cider vinegar, in an attempt to get her to crust up


woke up saturday morning to a still holding 237 and i was relieved as i have never done an overnite cook before where i was actually ASLEEP


by 1030A they were ready.... i pulled them off the fire and shut the primo down, rested them for 25 mins and wrapped in foil and dropped them into my preheated cooler for the run up to the lake


i pulled one out at 230 and pulled it for serving, sprinkled with a little rub before serving...  the second one got pulled at 4-430 and it was still way hot... i divided it among the kids and sent them home with packets of deliciousness..


this was my best butt to date


apologies for the long post, i got excited!


the weird light color is from my orange-ish Edison bulbs in my kitchen, but i did not want to edit the photo


thanks everyone here and at meatheads website for your help and input... this one came out great!




Roast 1.JPG

Roast 2.JPG

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Dude, you killed it! For future reference, when I lived in Virginia, I would often smoke brisket or Boston butt Friday night, take the meat off Saturday morning, and drive it to my sister's lake house in NC wrapped in foil and stored wrapped in towels in a cooler (faux cambrio). We would break the meat out that evening for dinner and it was always perfect. The key is putting it in the cooler wrapped tightly in towels, it will keep for a very long time.


Great job on the cook, and here's to may more!


Dave H.

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