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How many people to assemble?

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heh... good point, I'm in Belgium where you pay 3,000 USD for a big joe. So I want to keep it as cheap as possible :)

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My experience–


When it's unpacked, two really strong people can carry it.  The company advises to not lift it by the table hinges but there doesn't seem to be a better way to grip it.  (Wear leather gloves.)  A third person (teenager) can move the frame.  After that it's a one-person job to assemble until it's time to assemble the fire box.  

  1. Be certain to center the fire box ring in the bottom of the Kamado.  Use a scrap piece of cardboard or the ash catcher to measure the clearance between the ring and the interior sides all of the way around.
  2. Set the firebox pieces in place making certain that the bottoms sit squarely on the fire box ring and lean back against the kamado wall.
  3. Put the metal ring on top of the firebox pieces and with a second person helping, tilt the firebox pieces into place under the ring.

I'm an old, short, fat arthritic guy and I did it with two strong helpers to first lift and carry, and then one helped me with the fire ring.

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Person A lifts The Joe by the main hinge. 

Person B grabs the Joe through the bottom vent. Wear a glove, the metal can be sharp. 

Person C (and ideally D) lift by the table brackets. And do wear gloves, as mentioned. 


Another way is to use forearm forklifts. 


The Big Joe 3 is heavy! 

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