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What’s Your Favorite Fuel Source and Why

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I load up on KJ Big Block when it's available at Costco (only during the road shows) and supplement with Royal Oak, but only the ones that say US made on the bag. My typical setup is to put some KJ on

When I was buying my own lump charcoal, I was buying B&B from Academy Sports and Royal Oak from Walmart.  Those worked great for me and I would go back to them immediately if I needed to.

Why "Specifically Kamado Joe"? A kamado is a kamado is a kamado.    But to answer your question - anything Fogo sells.   

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Royal Oak Lump (USA) because the Supermercado a couple hundred yards from my house sells the 17.6 lb bags.


I've read that Cowboy revamped their lump, but if it's anything like the old stuff stay away. 


Whole Foods used to sell a really good lump for hot grilling, but burned too fast for low and slow cooks. My laziness and wallet keeps me away from WF unless there's a sale on meat, so RO stays my default lump for all my needs.


If you want to geek out on lump reviews check out the Naked Whiz charcoal database.



Never tried any of the premium stuff. Maybe one day... 

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Just FYI BBQguys dot com has 35 lb bags of Jealous Devil for $49.99 with free shipping. 


Once I get through my current rounds of lump comparisons I might have to get me a bag and see how it does. Says it's South American hardwoods so it probably fairly dense lump. 



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KJ Big Block is my favorite. Usually get it from Lowe's. I didn't know until recently you could just buy coupons for $10 off 50, $20 off 100, or 10% of everything, will make the bags a little cheaper next time :-)

I have some FOGO Black I bought on sale some time ago, its good too but sparky. Moving the lump around after starting is like a fireworks show!

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On 6/22/2019 at 5:29 PM, ckreef said:


When you factor in the extra burn time you get compared to cheaper lumps it's really not as expensive as it seems. 



Agreed.  When I told my friends how much burn time I get they freaked.

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