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45 years of Kamado Cooking

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I recently posted a question about a replacement part and want to take a minute to introduce myself to this fine community of like-minded chefs.


I have been cooking on Kamados for 45 years, my first at age 13 was a family friend's large size Imperial that fascinated this young science geek with its simple insulation and drafting properties,  stark contrasts with the ubiquitous Webber grills.  In college my roommate and I bought a small Imperial for our apartment deck, though since I graduated first the Kamado stayed.  In my late 20's,  the family friend gave me a large Imperial as a wedding gift which lasted 14 years until "the dog" knocked it over three weeks after I moved out of the house when the marriage failed.  A year later, 2002, I bought a new house in Sacramento and picked up a K7 from Richard Johnson which has not experience any of the quality issues others have encountered.  It has never had a cover and I am lax about cleaning it, letting the box fill up with ash and the dome stream inside and out with creosote.  Cooked hard, not put away at all...


I use the Kamado to grill healthy meat and fish over mesquite lump 3 or 4 times a week -- easily 2500 times.  I have cranked it up to more than 800 degrees, sometimes making pizza at 700 degrees.  I also go low and slow for briskets and pork shoulders, which are widely appreciated at neighborhood gatherings.  Lately I have been cooking thick steaks (2"+) sous vide to 125 degrees and searing them on the Kamado at 700 degrees, finishing the uniform, tender sous vide doneness with a tasty maillard char.


Enough about me, here is the picture of the Kamado on the kitchen deck designed for it, with a roof overhang and grill light. Though outside, the Kamado is closer to our refrigerator than the range in the kitchen.  It is not just a cooking tool, it is part of our family home.


Thanks for listening.





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Way Kule Kamado! I am curious about the hose. That is a hell of a grill! Interior pics would be appreciated. Great story, too. Just pissed I only discovered kamado two years ago over the BGE hubbub. I wound up with an Akron which I adore. These things are fantastic! Welcome to the blog! Please impart your vast experience to us all! :-D

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