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New owner + First cook ideas?

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Hey all!


New owner of a Kamado Joe. Been looking for a while but finally pulled the trigger with Atlanta Grilling Company's Father's Day sale. She arrived yesterday and still sitting in the garage as I need a couple buddies to come over to help move it out on the patio.


I love to grill but fairly new to the kamado scene. Any suggestions for a first cook?


Excited to be a part of this forum. Hoping to learn a lot!

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Welcome, glad to have both you and your new Joe with us. I cooked a spatchcock chicken for my first cook.. it came out perfect; crispy skin, moist tender meat, just wonderful. When my lovely wife took the first bite, she held out her fork and looking quizzically at me, said "yeah right, you cooked this all by your self". Just something special about Kamado chicken better than any I had ever cooked before. A couple of tips. 1. Use a full load of lump up to about 1/2 to 2" below your deflector, 2. When you light your fire it will put out a thick white smoke until it establishes it self, do not put food on while your grill is putting out white smoke. After your fire establishes itself the smoke color will change to a thin blue grey almost invisible smoke. This is when you put food on the grill. Food cooked over white smoke tastes acrid and nasty with a strong sharp too smokey bite.( I advise to not be in a hurry, when I want to put food on at 4:00 pm for dinner at 5:00pm, I light my fire at 3:00pm and let my fire develop slowly).  3. Any where between 375 and 425 or so is the perfect temp for chicken. Normal size chicken takes about an hour but cook it to internal temp using an instant read or remote probe thermometer. I pull mine at 165 in the breast. Have fun and enjoy your first cook. Here is a pic of my last chicken cook. I cook mine indirect over a deflector. For this particular cook I added a pan of veggies, herbs, and chicken broth. 


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Welcome! Good Luck! Spatchcock chicken or ribs are inexpensive and forgiving, as well as easy and tasty! 

I think my first cooks were steaks. My buddy with the same grill had primed me to keep the vents barely open, so I struggled to get higher temps. Still overcooked occasionally but not too bad. 

Break, Break


Nice Pan, Man! What are it's particulars? 

On 6/22/2019 at 12:58 PM, keeperovdeflame said:




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