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Thanks to @Kamadobjorn for the inspiration. The table is the “Applaro” Line. The hardware that you see in the last pictures all came from Hobby Lobby. The table comes with a thin, cheap pull bar and nothing else, not even knobs for the doors. The cooler pic is just for reference as that was what I was doing prior to getting the table. The last pic is sans hardware just the way it comes from IKEA. 


I used Lenox 18TPI metal jigsaw blades with an adjustable speed jigsaw set to its lowest setting to cut the hole. I used this edge trim from Amazon: Trim


If you have any other questions just ask. Cheers. 






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I forgot to add that I have not moved the shelf up yet so my stacking is way overkill right now. I’ll adjust them later to reduce weight. Here’s the inside:




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That looks great.  I've been casually looking for a side table to add to my grilling array, and this might fit the bill.  I've really been looking for something that could support an old two burner gas cooktop on the top with an enclosed area for my gas bottle underneath.  This is giving me some good ideas now. 

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Love this table.   I just got one for my JR as well.  A few questions.  Did you remove the left brace under the stainless top before cutting?  Was that difficult to do if you did?





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Late to the party, but now that I have the plasma cutter dialed in, next will be the Jr Rotisserie thread!


For my trial I kept the shelf in the original place and stabilized with 2x4s. Jr is not going anywhere. I need to get some Ikea stain when going on an elective shopping trip is a thing again. I could not be bothered to get the big saws out so I did this with a circular saw. If I like it, I will probably redo it with accurate cuts. 



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