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As I mentioned on @keeperovdeflame's entry, my original thought was stuffed pork chops. However, my wife saw a good deal on pork tenderloins at Costco, so my plans changed. I like sausage stuffing and make it whenever I get a chance, so the menu was set.


Here are the ingredients:




I did use spicy Italian sausage for the dressing. Only one for the sausage links and half of the onion.




The tenderloins were too small to butterfly one and roll it up, like I had seen on several YouTube videos, so I cut a slit in both of the tenderloins to put the stuffing in.




I stuffed them, put the thin end of one at the same end as the thick end of the other one and tied them together. I then rubbed them with McCormick's Grill Mates' apple wood rub.




Then it was time to start the grill. I was going for 250-300 indirect. The grill stabilized at 225, and got up to 250 by the time the tenderloin was done.




Pulled from the grill with an internal temperature of 240 - 245, depending on where it was measured. I rested it for 10 minutes before slicing.






I was having this wine while I was cooking and with the meal.




And the money shot:




My wife and the neighbors thought it came out very good.


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8 minutes ago, skreef said:

Looks yummy. I was going to cook a Tenderloin but you beat me to it. You did a great job better than I would have. 

Originally, I was going to do stuffed pork chops, but I got beat to that.

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