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This cook was designed for my Egg, but I am working on changing my gaskets and wanted to give them a little more time before I fired up the Egg. So even though I cooked this on the webber I will post it here. 


I have been experimenting with these. Prepared diced fresh mushrooms from a company called Montery Mushrooms.They are designed to be added to ground meat.


This particular blend has fresh chopped garlic, herbs, and Italian spices. I added fresh chopped green onions. 


I put the mushrooms and onions In a bowl and added fresh ground lamb. I miked it all up and made smash burgers


Came out amazing. By the way for those who have not heard of a Frisco Burger, it is a burger using sourdough bread for the bun. 


If you haven't tried this already, I am thinking you will like the mushroom blends with ground meat of all kinds. Great flavor and earthy goodness. My Egg will be up and cooking soon. 

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15 hours ago, KismetKamado said:

Wow that looks good!  I’ve never seen mushrooms packaged like that. Very interesting. 


And.... how in the world do you keep your Summit so clean????

The underside of the grates are pretty much covered in greasy crud. I use 3M Burgundy metal cleaning pads to clean them. The pads are about 4"wide  and probably 7" long. You just lay them on the grill and push the along. The pads cost 3 something and work good until they get covered with greasy build up.  The pads are very flexible and easy to bend into the cracks between the grates. Best thing I have found to keep grates clean. 

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