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New Primo XL owner...Needed a Table? Built cheap :)


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Hello and want to say awesome forum and great work by the mods.


ON Father’s Day 2019 I was surprised. My wife bought me a Primo XL.  Been shopping for years finally got one.  Well it sat on backyard till this last weekend when I finally had time to build a table for it.  


The top top of table and part of the bottom shelve was from recycled granite.  My neighbor remodeled her kitchen about 3 years ago and I was able to acquire a few pieces of granite from the old kitchen. They have been resting in my backyard for several years waiting to be used. So the table was built around the granite I had available.   I used pressure treated lumber.  All that was needed for me to purchase was 6 2x4’s. The 4 x 4 ‘s were also left over from a fence rebuild.   


Anyway here is my simple table.







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Welcome to the Guru there are a lot of great people and information around here.  Great looking table, way to use the resources you had around and available.   I would caution you laying anything that touches the food on the treated lumber on the bottom shelf.   My understanding is that it's not food safe.

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Nice looking table and I especially like the contrast between the granite and the Primo.  What is the height of the tabletop and the height of the Primo grill?  I ask because your Primo is not quite as inset into the tabletop as others I have seen.





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