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I'm moving to the country

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1 hour ago, Pigfqr said:

Yes! The Presidents of the United States.  The Georgia Peach truck is coming back to Cincinnati on July 14th and 16th.


They are one of my favorite groups. All their songs are good. I especially like the Peaches song and the Little Blue Dune Buggy. "Spider woman yelling, 'Go, Go, Go'".  I believe that peach truck will be bringing peaches from Lane Packing. About 50 miles from my house. Already been there once this year. 


John that desert looks fantastic. 



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Half and pit your peaches....  put about 1/4" of rum in a baking dish.. peaches face down into the rum and into the fridge for a couple hours....  heat your grill... two zone setup... melt some butter.... mix 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar and about 1/4 cup maple syrup in a measuring cup....  dip the peach face in the butter and place it flat side down on the grill until you get some sear marks... remove them and flip flat side up to indrect side of grill... baste with balsamic mixture and leave on grill until peaches are nice and soft....


served with vanilla ice cream and a couple of those cinnamon and sugar pita crisps... called it "Drunken Peach a la Mode"


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