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Queen of Steaks

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My wife hit up our favorite butcher shop on the way home and picked up a picanha for me. I have watched several Guga Foods videos to appreciate the Queen of all Steaks, but have yet to cook one up. I followed Guga's advice and sliced the picanha up into steaks for a reverse sear on my Big Joe.


I started the steaks off on the indirect side of the grill with a deflector plate under them at around 350 F. Once I got them to around 130 internal I pulled them off, let the fire crank up and got a nice sear.


I served them with a chimichurri sauce and some corn on the cob. Amaaaazing!! I think this may be my new favorite cut of steak.




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8 hours ago, buckleybj said:

Sorry for the messing plating, but here they are with the chimichurri sauce.

To make a nice neat  plate, I put some clean paper towels flat on a platter. When I slice  steak or other cuts like PR and such, I move the slices from the cutting board onto the towels on the platter and then from there on to the plate. This doesn't insure that you absolutely won't get juice on the plate but it sure reduces the amount, and helps especially when your taking pictures However not that any of that matter when your hungry. 

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