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Ranier Cherry stuff Brie

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Hi Guru's 


This is my Challenge for Just Stuff It. 


@ckreef, @gotzeroand others had posted a Grilled Brie in the past. 


So hope I did it right... 


I love Brie with all the choices that you can choose from to stuff. I chose Ranier Cherries. They are back In stock at Walmart. Which is a limited time. 

These Cherries are sweet but has this taste close to a Peach. Very good Cherries. 


Ingredients :



I started on my  compote first. Cut them small pieces. 


Also if you like Cherries, this gadget will do the trick for pitting them fast and easy. 


Then I put them in a sugar to cook down. Then toward the end I added more cherries to still have some color. 



Next I cut my Brie in halve with one side thinner for the top. 



I dug out some cheese to make room for compote(I like alot). 




Filled Brie with Cherry Compote




Getting my pastry ready. Egg wash. 


More egg wash once wrap. 


Wrapped in Pastry. Ready for the Grill. 



All Done.. Grill Pic



Couple of plated shots





I think it could went another five minutes but in the end it tasted great. 


Thanks for looking



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1 hour ago, ckreef said:

Tasty entry. I should know I ate half of it - LOL 



It probably wasn't as good as yours but we had a very nice brunch. Thanks for sharing with me. 

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one of my favourite appetisers but I usually make it with slices of quince or pear paste inserted in the middle. Great idea to scoop out some cheese to make room for more filling. yum!!

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