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What are you cooking for our nation's birthday?

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I woke up this morning and figured I'd just do some pizza in the Wood Fired Oven today. Then I ran to the liquor store and then the grocery store to get Mrs skreef some creamer. Walked past the meat counter and they had some reasonably decent looking baby back ribs. Change of plans. About to put the ribs on. Going 300* which should get them done in 2 1/2 - 3 hours. That's the current plan anyway. 



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8 hours ago, CentralTexBBQ said:


I get nervous whenever I see the words 'brisket' and 'bbq sauce' in that close proximity to one another. :rofl:

Good one.  I guess not being from Texas I break all the rules. I don't intend to use to compensate for dry brisket:) . That's my intention:) . I went to a great BBQ place in Austin and folks were pouring BBQ sauce all over the brisket.  Maybe like me they were tourists:)

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Couple of butts with Eastern Carolina vinegar sauce (not sure where I developed that taste being a state or 2 away but there it is) and a side of Kentucky.

Lessons learned:

Don't wait until afternoon of 7/3 to buy butts for 7/4

If you think you may be low on charcoal buy more while at Wal-mart even though they have zero butts in the counter and the checkout line in the garden center is backed up with people buying carts load of groceries.




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2 hours ago, gotzero said:

Bacon and pancakes on the griddle for breakfast. Smashburgers on the portable griddle at the pool for lunch. Heading to a house on the Chesapeake Bay to a BBQ/fireworks show this evening. Not touching a kamado, but a perfect 4th!


Wait a minute......... I didn't realize you lived near the Chesapeake Bay. I grew up in Silver Spring, MD for the first 32 years of my life. Went down to the Chesapeake Bay on a regular basis while growing up. The Chesapeake Bay is what started me collecting fossils. 3rd grade or so we started a yearly field trip in school to the Chesapeake Bay to look for sharks teeth. Good times for sure. 



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Juggling three grills was grate fun :).  The biggest issue was determining order of what goes on first and what goes where. I almost took a trip to WalMart to buy a Blackstone 22" griddle (for the sausage, peppers and onions) but dismissed that silly idea. I honestly don't need a fourth grill and can't justify its purchase for future use. There, I got that idea outta my head. Whew!


So I improvised with the Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Pan on the Goldens' for the peppers and onions which worked out perfectly. I got those started first since they can be kept warm in the oven. I halved the split chicken breasts, seasoned in Plowboys Yardbird and was able to get most of them on the Bubba Keg with the overflow on the Goldens' -




I had taken some of the finished chicken off the Keg but it was being used for the overflow of the sausage which was over on the Weber, which was started indirect, away from the SnS.






More real estate on the Weber once the sausage was able to be moved over the coals -




Once the sausage and chicken were done, hot dogs were grilled indirect on the Weber. Amazingly, I've found that hot dogs (and sausage) grilled indirect on the Weber turn out perfectly. No charring, no burnt black spots, no flare ups. My youngest nieces and nephews simply will not eat dogs that are blackened, so these turn out great and require very little attention on my part.  


It was about this time where working three grills at once plus the heat of the day and the heat of three grills forced me to pay more attention to what I was doing so pictures were taking a back seat. But during this time I had zucchini and eggplant on the Keg and the Goldens' -






That's it for pictures. No plated shots, no family gathering shots. Sometimes grilling and then eating take precedence!


I still had burgers to grill on the Goldens' and rolls to toast on the Keg which were keeping me busy as the table was being set and the family was starting to dig in. Along with all this was corn, baked beans, tortellini salad, various sides, etc. 


All in all a good day as far as grilling and keeping my head on straight. And all was appreciated by our guests. 


I hope all our US members had a great Fourth!




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