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Small pork loin roast marinaded and injected with Wegmans Spiedie marinade that I cooked @250F until IT hit 135F and then reverse seared over a bed of blazing hot KJBB coals. Served up with some red skin potato salad and finished off with a CI skillet brownie I baked on the KJ for dessert, not bad for a Tuesday.






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our first attempt at homemade pizza went pretty well, we cooked @ 600F dome/500F stone for the first one directly on the stone and it turned out pretty good but the bottom was charred after 8 min. cook. The second pie was cooked on a pie plate for 8 min. then decked for another 3 min. (which is actually how Buffalo style pizzas are usually cooked) and it turned out perfect!





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Put on a pork shoulder last night at 9:00.  Just scored the fat cap and rubbed and injected.  Set the temp at 200.  I got up at 3:30 in the morning to check the temp.  The Tip Top Temp was still locked in at 200.  Meat probe currently at 194.  I will check it at 195 for tenderness, pull, wrap and put in the cooler.  




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16 hours ago, TKOBBQ said:

@AK-g More info on the pie please.  Care to share the recipe?


The butter pie is a very old pie that may be too simple for the modern world...but I love em:)


I think it's also known as catholic pie.


I have found the traditional recipe for the original way....



Serves four

For the pastry

225g/8oz Plain flour


50g/2oz Butter, salted or unsalted; you can adjust seasoning to taste at the table

50g/2oz Lard, vegetable fat, or dripping

A pinch of salt, if used, and white pepper

Ice cold water

For the filling

3 Large potatoes – a King Edward/Maris Piper type

1 Large onion

50g/2oz Butter, plus 100g/4oz for softening the onions



1. Sift the flour and salt into a bowl and stir in the butter and lard (I tried with all butter and found this microwaved really well, about 30 seconds to a minute, depending on the wattage, for each quarter of a pie).

Using your fingertips, or a fork, incorporate in the butter until it resembles fine crumbs, then drizzle in just enough cold water to make the pastry form a ball, pop into a plastic bag, press out the air, and leave in the fridge to rest for 30 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, peel the three large potatoes and the onion, cut the potato into thick slices, a little thicker than a pound coin, and the onion in to half rings. Parboil the potatoes until they are just soft but still holding their shape, about 8-10 minutes. Saute the onions, over a low heat, in the butter until soft, but not browned, as this will spoil the end flavour.

3. Roll out about two thirds of the pastry, to line a pie dish, and trim the edges.

4. Drain the potatoes, let the steam leave the pan, then, in the lined pie dish, layer the potatoes, onions and butter flakes, season with salt and white pepper and top off with the rolled remains of the pastry, ‘stab’ the top to make air vents.

5. Bake at 180 degrees for about half an until golden, and serve immediately, with pickled red cabbage.


Here is a link to the original webpage..



I do it differently to this but the ingredients I use are the same.

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