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Whatcha’ Got Cooking

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Had a pretty busy weekend on the KJ, sadly I didn't get pics of everything but here is what I did take...


I did side ribs (no pics) on Saturday.  I modified my recipe and when I wrapped, this time I used some pure local Maple Syrup (Jakemans).  They came out delicious. A little too tender but still good.


Sunday...I did a Beef Short Rib plate.  6.5 hours at 275F  (no wrapping)...sprayed twice with a diluted apple/melon juice mix.  I did them until probe tender, which worked out to about 202F, internal.  I coated with Frank's hot sauce and seasoned with my favourite steak rub (Barberian). Family LOVED them.


Next was a Country Artisan Bread.  Done at 475 for 30 minutes on the KJ in my Dutch Oven.  Lowered my hydration down to 77% and loved the result.  So did the family.









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Just spatchcocked my first chicken. Rubbed down with Big Cock Good S##t. 

Waiting for my monolith to get up to temperature in the rain and dark here in the UK! 



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Saturday night DoJoe pizza. So easy and low stress at this point it is actually fun.




Using the Classic size DoJoe with an idle Big Joe next to it has some advantages. DoJoe cooler while the Classic shuts down.



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Did my first Rotisserie cook at weekend. Purposely kept it very simple to focus on the cook and to also directly compare to the fan assisted oven.


Cooked it at 180C/350f (dome temp) and it cooked slightly quicker than expected but it was a good learning curve.



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