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Looking to become a better griller

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Welcome to the forum.  I have been cooking for about 60 years (since I was a kid) and have tried to learn  from my mistakes and  build on and document my successes.  My wife and I have  created "The Book" and any particularly good cook gets documented with reference to the recipe and the occasion (as in "That's gotta go in the book").  Now that it has filled up about half of a journal it's nice to browse through if I'm not feeling inspired and am looking to retry a past success.   Memory doesn't always cut it.  First entry in the book was 7/10/94 Smoked Salmon Ravioli, ricotta and mascarpone and pine nuts made with my new pasta machine.   I think I'll make that this weekend!

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Like the old joke ask a new yorker how to get to carnegie hall . Practice practice. Even my mistakes have been pretty good  Like Danin with my kamado i started to keep a book also. With my Kamado joe i find myself trying different things on the grill that i wouldn't think of doing on a regular grill, memories can run amok sometimes.   

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