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Reset tiles, replace fire box on kamado k7 and more


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Hello all,

We have a blue tile #7 that has gracefully endured the extremes of Boston weather uncovered for well over a dozen years, still cooking, but needs some TLC.  I am looking for 1) directions on how  to reset the tiles that have fallen off over the years, our attempt failed , 2)  suggestions as to replacement or substitutions for what Richard called the Lumpsaver (the vessel used to contain the lump coal above the firebox), 3) a replacement handle for the draft door opening, which is also where the gas control is - ours is black ceramic ( handle works fine, but is chipped), and lastly 4) suggestions about what to use inside the grill to secure the frame that the draft door/gas control rods ride when opening and closing - I used furnace cement, but it failed. 


I know it is a lot to , but advice or suggestions on even one item would be much appreciated - this BBQ has a lifetime of grilling left in her yet!



Big Blue.jpg

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Here is a PDF from one of RJ's News Letters regarding tile repair.

For a Lump Saver or Charcoal basket, check out KickAsh Baskets


Can't help on the knob replacement but you might try a drawer pull handle from some place like

Hobby Lobby.

Don't know what to suggest for the draft door frame repair other than some type of furnace

cement like you tried. Nice looking K7.


From one of my previous posts... Give this outfit a try...


They bought out Richard Johnson's business several years ago and also may be of help.




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A little more info...
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