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New Blaze in the house


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Got my new Kamado and aside from a few little niggles this thing is amazing.  Fit and finish are almost perfect.  The is what looks to be a small scratch on the front behind the handle on the hood but I couldn't care less about that.  The grates are *heavy* and amazing looking.  Everything is as advertised.  It's fantastic looking and functions perfectly.  I have used an Infinity Kamado for a decade until it cracked over the winter.  My first cook on this was flawless and all indications are that this actually hold heat a little better.  It took a looooong time to burn off very little fuel at 450.


My one issue is with the ash pan.  I don't like it.  I live in a windy area and taking the whole pan out to clean the ashes will be a pain in the ####.  I actually preferred the old way of pulling them out with an ash tool into an ash pan.  But that is no big deal...just a minor quibble.



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 Congrats.  Great looking Kamado and many years of happy grilling to you. 


I considered the Blaze and the ash pan configuration turned me off which leaned my decision to the Goldens'. 


Looking forward to seeing posts on your cooks. 

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Well, you *can* still use the tool and drag the ash out the bottom door.  I just tried it and it works with no issues.  Thats the way I'll go from now on.  Taking the grates out (heavy as hell  lol) and then taking the ash pan out with the wind blowing is just silly for me to do.  I didn't think the ash tool out the bottom door would work because of the slight indentation in the bottom ash pan but it makes virtually no difference.  So all is good there.

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