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Easy And Delicious Dinner

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Quick and easy, yet delicious, dinner tonight. 


Started off with some potatoes in my favorite modified (handle hacked off) skillet. Put on an enameled cast iron griddle pan to heat up as well. 




A bit later with some strip steaks and green beans on. 




And finished by throwing the beans in with the potatoes and warming up some garlic knots in the griddle pan. 




No plated shots. We devoured this since we didn’t eat all day. Been working too much and not cooking enough... Was nice to break that trend tonight. 



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2 hours ago, AK-g said:

That looks good!


I will keep this meal in mind. About those garlic knots...they look great, g9w do you make those?






The garlic knots were excellent, but I did not make them.  Found them in the bakery section of the store and just threw them on the grill to warm up.  I’m no baker by any means and I rarely even try any more.


There was almost zero prep work for the entire meal - which was really nice after a long day. 

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2 hours ago, AK-g said:

i will have to keep an eye out for something similar, i bet they would also make a nice snack while waiting for other things to cook:)



They come in a foil bag - found them at Walmart in the bakery section.  We’ve had them a couple of times.  They have three cheese ones and garlic ones and we like the garlic better. The foil bag is meant to go in the oven. I just threw it on top of the potatoes for about 10 minutes, tossing every couple of minutes and then put them on the griddle for just a few moments after I threw the beans in with the potatoes (really this was just to make things easier to bring in and keep them warm on the table). They did have a nice very lightly browned bottom though from sitting on the griddle. But the rest of the bread is very soft. Quite good. And easy. 

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