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Lodge Cast Iron pizza pan on Akorn, pics???

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Hi. I always wanted to get one of these and was just thinking this morning that I bet it would fit on my Akorn. Did a quick search and I think I found a few posts where guys are saying they are using them on their Akorns but I can't find any pics. I just wanted to make sure it would fit on there with the lid down before I pull the trigger. Anyone have any pics or no of a link somehwere I can see? Thanks!

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It says it is a 14" pan but then I think I see 18.5" in the dimensions but I don't know if they are counting the handles for that length or not.

Basically that is why I want to see a pic first, you never really know what the size of something is off the internet.


Here is a link of what I am talking about, thanks....




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14 minutes ago, Doug123 said:

Thanks ckreef, I might give it a shot. 


Worse case scenario take a dremel tool with cutoff wheel and cut one or both the handles off. CI is a soft metal that's really easy to cut. 



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I have a camp chef 14" cast iron pizza pan that I bought to use as a heat deflector.  It fits just fine on the Weber grate resting on the deflector shelves, with plenty of room to spare around it.  It would work well on the main cooking grate as well.  It has shorter handles than the Lodge, which may or may not be what you are looking for.  If you want I'll snap a shot of it on the main cooking grate.


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7 hours ago, dh14ster said:

I Just saw this tonight and see that you found an answer to your question. For future reference, if you decide you'd like to try deep dish on the Akorn, I've had pretty good luck with a 12" Lodge cast iron skillet. 


You read my mind!!!


Wow you have quite the setup there. Is that 2 pizza stones and one is on the warming rack above? Good idea.


Are you able to close the lid with the skillet in there? Or are you cooking with the lid open?


Do you have a recipe for the deep dish pizza? I was going to try making it in the pan I have. Probably won't be that deep but I was going to give it a shot. I've never made deep dish at all so any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.


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