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Pork butt - nice day for one

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Dropped this one on at 12:30.  No binder, just some house pork rub.


Mesquite wood and rockwood lump.


Maybe another few hours for this guy, going to be a good dinner.  Tossed in some photos of vent settings for the 250 run.


What a nice day, probably some pool time later.



Here is where we started.




Seasoned the butt well first thing and left it on the counter while the fire came up and stabilized. 




Here is where we are right now. 4 hours on.  Looks ready to eat now but I know I need to wait a little longer.  :(




And here are those vent settings. 





I'll post the finished product when it's ready.  Pic below is the current reading, the one above is where it was when I dropped it on at 12:30.  Amazing how stable these are.


Kamado on!




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And it's almost down the hatch.  It's delicious.  Pulled at 202 I. T.  Also tossed some chicken breast on for next weeks dinners,  2 cilantro lime and sesame garlic. 





Pulled them at 155 I.T.  (will be reheated later).






Served with fresh chopped Tabasco peppers and sweet relish.   Yum!


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1 hour ago, KismetKamado said:

Taking some inspiration from this one. Grabbed a pork shoulder myself yesterday with a work cook in mind. Been too long since I did one, and yours looks fantastic.  Hope mine looks half this good. :)



I bet it will look twice as good!

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3 minutes ago, KismetKamado said:

Oh man - that’s what I’m talking about!  Awesome looking pulled pork and great idea to knock out some chicken breasts while you were at it. :)


It was a bulk cook weekend, freezer is packed.  Have a new idea/project that will be revealed soon.  Ever bought one of those pre-marinaded bags of meat?  So many variety available of the "30 minute marinade", beef, chicken, fish, pork and more!

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