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Just installed Saffire's new Crucible Firebox in my 6 year old Saffire


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I saw the new Crucible Firebox on the Saffire website for their current model and called to ask if it would fit my older Saffire. I really liked the idea of using refractory fire bricks in the firebox to avoid cracking, and also the nice stainless steel charcoal basket, and the lift out ash pan that are a part of this new firebox.


They said yes it would fit and it arrived today and I cooked on it this evening! It's a really nice update that I'm looking forward to using. It did require a new cooking grid elevator and a new ceramic heat diffuser plate for indirect cooking, which was good because my old one had broken due to rough handling about 6 months ago. The new one comes in two halves to allow you to use only one half for a combination of indirect heat on one side and direct heat on the other. 


So, a couple of service items I found in the process of cleaning it up were that my lower stainless steel band had loosened quite a bit, and by the time I was done with the full clean-out and installation the front part of my lower gasket is down to the bone and some wisps of smoke are coming out, so I'll need to replace the whole lower gasket. I guess almost 6 years of using my Saffire several times per week had weakened the gasket material, and the work I did today dragging fireboxes across it finished it off.


Saffire Crucible Firebox.JPG

Teak n Saffire nite.JPG

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I just replaced my lower gasket with "Nomex" Gasket Material, using a bead of Food Safe High Temperature Rated RTV to glue it down. First I scraped off the remnants of the old gasket with a razor blade, and then wiped down the surface with Isopropyl Alcohol to clean it up pretty good.


I was careful not to stretch the Nomex (per the instructions). I left the joint in the rear, and worked my way around 12 inches at a time gently pressing the Nomex material down on the RTV bead as I went. I used the tip of the RTV applicator to spread the bead around a bit before I placed and pressed the Nomex material on it. Finally, I closed the lid and it was a nice soft landing! I then let it dry with the lid closed for several hours. It seems good!


Nomex Kamado Gasket1.JPG

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I have cooked on the new Crucible Firebox setup a couple of times and saw the following improvements:


1. It comes up to temperature a little faster during start-up due to better air-flow thru the new Charcoal Basket instead of the old cast iron plate with 1/2 inch holes in it.


2. Before starting a cook I can just just shake the ash out of the Charcoal Basket and empty the Ash Pan if needed, instead of stirring the leftover charcoal/ash to get the ash to fall thru the small holes in the cast iron plate at the bottom of the firebox, and then tediously fishing the ash out of the lower vent hole with a little tool into a dustpan/tray.


3. The new 4-point Multi-Rack fits snugly and more securely holds my original cooking grid, much more securely than the original 3-point triangle shaped grid elevator.


4. I am looking forward to doing a combination cook with both Indirect and Direct heat by only using one of the Ceramic Dual Half Heat Deflector Plates. The original triangular heat deflector plate was awkward, blocked some air-flow, and could only be used in or out of the Saffire. I had a hard time storing it due to its awkward shape while the new one is much easier to store.

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I tried out doing a combination cook with both Direct and Indirect heat by using only one half of the new Ceramic Dual Half Heat Deflector Plates. I put it on the back half of the Multi-Rack for cooking bacon wrapped Asparagus bundles while grilling Eastern Halibut up front over higher heat. Both tasted great!



Dual Zone deflector plate.JPG

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