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Lodge has New and more Expensive Cast Iron!

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Blacklock *39*
12 Inch Skillet

The versatility of this skillet symbolizes the resourcefulness of Lodge Cast Iron during the Great Depression. The company made it successfully to 1939, the end of the economic downturn. As a company, Lodge adapted and thrived, and this Blacklock skillet adapts to any stovetop, oven, grill, or open flame. Sear pork tenderloin, roast veggies, and bake a decadent blueberry pie with this skillet.
  • $80.00
  • Triple seasoned for a natural nonstick finish
  • Cast in a thin, lightweight design
  • Extended, raised handle stays cooler longer
  • Generous pour spouts for pan sauces and gravies
  • Sloped, spatula-friendly sidewalls 
  • Elevated assist handle for added comfort and great control
  • Made in South Pittsburg, Tenn., USA
  • They Also have 5.5 dutch oven, 7 inch skillet, 10.25 skillet, 14.50 inch skillet/ dutch oven=150.00 7 inch skillet=37.50 10.25=60.00 14.50 inch skillet is 100.00


The photos are the 12 inch skillet




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2 minutes ago, Walrus said:

Thin & Lightweight = less material, yet more expensive.

Doesn't mean it isn't still a quality pan, my new 12in  Stargazer cast iron is lighter than my 12in lodge by  2lbs and I paid 120.00 for it and have purchased the 10.25 inch skillet that was 88.00!  Would buy another in a different size once they purduce the next one. Lodge is just stepping up to the game with a pan that can rival Field, Stargazer, butterpat etc.



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