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Replacing the Lower Gasket on my Saffire


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If you're following I am the original owner of a 6 year old Saffire and just updated it with Saffire's new Crucible Firebox, Multi-Rack, and Dual Half Ceramic Heat Deflectors. For the past 6 years I have used my Saffire inside a Screen Room right outside the French Doors to the Kitchen of the house. This room has screen walls on two sides, and I use a high velocity blower fan to push the smoke out of the closest screens. This setup has allowed me to cook on my Saffire year-round in New England, paying no attention to our highly variable weather nor cold snowy winters.


The process of removing my old ceramic fire ring and firebox, scraping and vacuuming out a lot of stuck on carbon on the inside of the outer ceramic lower dome finished off my 6 year old lower gasket that was already thin and fragile. Over the years I have dripped sauces on it and drug food and pans across it by accident so after the most recent work to replace the firebox the gasket was leaking wisps of smoke and ready to be replaced.


I had bought a length of Nomex gasket material and Hi-Temp Food Safe RTV from BBQgaskets.com several years ago to better seal my chip door, and I had enough extra sitting on the shelf to do this job as well - so it was a quick fix.


I basically just replaced my lower gasket with "Nomex" Gasket Material, using a bead of Food Safe High Temperature Rated RTV to glue it down. First I scraped off the remnants of the old gasket with a razor blade, and then I wiped down the surface with Isopropyl Alcohol to clean it up pretty good.


I was careful not to stretch the Nomex gasket material (per the instructions). I left the joint in the rear, and worked my way around 12 inches at a time gently pressing the Nomex material down on the RTV bead as I went. I used the 1/8th inch tip of the RTV applicator to spread the bead around a bit before I placed and pressed the Nomex material on it. Finally, I closed the lid and it was a nice soft landing! I then let it dry with the lid closed for several hours. Today, 24 hours later, I cooked on it and it is working well with NO LEAKAGE!


Some pictures:

Nomex Kamado Gasket1.JPG


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