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Joetisserie on the Keg


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Hey all.. 


Noticed a lack of activity in the Keg section of the forum... and I thought this would be good to share...

I had searched around the web to confirm that the Joetisserie would fit on the BKK... A few posts said yes whilst some said no, but last month I decided to  up one and try it for myself...


The result..... It works but a couple of minor issues:


- Handle clearance - When the motor is on the bracket, it doesn’t clear the handle on the left side (photos below). I have taken my handles off the keg which also means I lose the shelves, but that is just more incentive to build a new outdoor kitchen bench for the Keg and gas BBQ.

- Bottom seal - the keg seal is fixed to the lid, with no seal on the bottom of the keg and no seal on the Joetisserie. I ended up buying some big green egg gasket and sticking it to the bottom of the Joetisserie to see if it would help with temp control - more photos below.

- Temperature control - Even with the vents basically fully closed, temperature control is difficult with the gaps around the spit rod (and probably the poor seal fit.)


I have done a solo chicken, boneless leg lamb and twin chickens and they have all worked out well (typically 350 to 400 deg) but it just feels like I have limited control over the temp with no ability to lower it by closing the vents. 


Also bought the kick ash basket divider to hold the coals at the back of the basket to limit smoke from the drippings. Planning to build some plastic caps and shorten the screws to cover the old handle mounts on the Keg body.


Hope this is useful for Keg owners...






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Lowe's closed down in several locations in Canada in January, so I happened to buy the last Joetisserie on the shelf at 50% regular price, just installed it and like the information here. I appreciate this post because there is a slight gap in the seal and your solution seems perfect, but... I can't wait, I'm going to spin a chicken this afternoon without the gasket material and see how that works out! Thanks again!

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