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Atlanta Grill Company Kamado Joe Big Joe III Sale

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  Yesterday-7/26/19, I purchased a KJ Big Joe III package on the Atlanta Grill Company website.  They are currently offering a promo code for 400.00 off the package.  After shipping it is about 300.00 off the total cost.


  Just wanted to give folks a heads up if interested.  I did not see an end date for the promotion, but I would guess a call to AGC could answer that.  Hope it helps.




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9 hours ago, ckreef said:

Congratulations, when is it's expected arrival?

The final order mentioned shipping in 3 weeks.  I am currently deployed and plan on asking them to hold one for me until I get back in a little while.  That way I can be there to receive the heavy box and inspect it.

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6 hours ago, Kamado Tom said:

Looks like they're giving something off of all the models, good find!!

Thanks, I hope it helps someone like me who had been on the fence.  It was between the Big Joe and a Primo 400XL.  I had been leaning toward the BJ already and the promotion was the deciding factor that I could not pass up.  Even with the 99.00 shipping it is significantly less than anywhere else I saw it.

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