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NY Strip Steaks

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Fired up the KJ for some NY Strip Steaks last night. I'd have to say...best steak I've had, hands down.


Got the steaks from a Stripling's General Store here in town. Seasoned with some Lane's BBQ Brisket rub. Put a block of Hickory in the fire.


1. Got the grill up to around 300º while seasoning.




2. First time using my ThermoPro wireless thermometer. It definitely gave me the flexibility of hanging out inside while getting up to temp!




3. Got the steaks to 125º and pulled them off and tented with aluminum foil.




4. Opened up the vents and aimed to get to 550-600º for the sear.




5. "I have made fire!"




6. Looking tasty! It smelled so good.




7. Plated with some spinach salad and a twice baked potato from Striplings.




8. Look at that color!




I'd have to say...this is my fourth cook on my KJ since buying it for Father's Day and everything I make on it is amazing. My wife looked at my across the table while eating and said, "I see why you wanted to spend so much money on a grill. This is delicious!"


If only she would have that logic when I try to convince her I want to buy a truck...haha

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