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Dual Zone Cooking with Saffire's new Crucible Firebox


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Saffire released a new Crucible Firebox lined with refractory bricks. It has a stainless charcoal basket on top of a lift out ash pan. It fit right into my 6 year old Saffire, but I had to replace the original 3-point triangular grid elevator with a new circular 4-point grid elevator. The new matching heat deflector for indirect heat cooking now comes in two halves, which allows the use of only one half for Dual Zone Cooking. Here is a picture of Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Bundles cooking in low heat with a slab of Eastern Halibut cooking in high heat. Tasted great!


The new dual half heat deflector is also easier to store and less awkward a shape that doesn't block airflow.


This all makes cooking better!

Dual Zone deflector plate.JPG

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Here's what it looks like on the plate with some Hot Pepper Peach Preserve and Bourbon Dressing on the Pork Chop. The Succotash is grilled corn sliced from the cob with sun-dried tomato strips  and Lima beans. The Jalepeno popper is half of a Jalepeno pepper filled with cream cheese, topped with a Frito Lay chip, and wrapped with Bacon:


Dual Zone 3 Plated.JPG

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