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Teres Major from Porter Road

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I tried my first Teres Major this week....










I seasoned it with my Man Cave Meals AP Mojo rub and marinated it in a little worcestershire and whisky overnight... i also made a whisky/brown sugar/worcestershire sauce to drizzle on it....



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4 hours ago, EnlightenedVegan said:

I like their tag line..” Delivering Life Changing Meat”. Well it certainly changed the cow’s  life. :-)


I can tell you right now that you are in the wrong forum.  If you have problems with eating meat or others eating meat, either keep it to yourself or take it elsewhere.  This is a barbecue and grilling forum.  

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5 hours ago, EnlightenedVegan said:

Actually, I generally poke fun at plant based eaters. I apologize for offending you.


I'm not offended.  There are a lot of others here who might be so I suggest not poking fun at anyone for any reason here about their choices of what they do or don't eat.


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