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    • By brandon78
      I have a question about lump charcoal and brands. Where I live, the options to buy from a store are limited. I have only used Royal Oak, and the only other one available near me is Cowboy. I have been happy with the Royal Oak, but would like to try something different. I researched Amazon and found Fogo and Jealous Devil. I hear people mention Fogo frequently, and have never heard anyone talk about Jealous Devil. However, on Naked Whiz, Jealous Devil got a higher rating and is a better price per pound on Amazon. In fact, the review of Jealous Devil makes it sound excellent. 
      Does anyone have any experience with Fogo and/or Jealous Devil and have an opinion? Thanks!!
      P.S. The Amazon price for 70 pounds of Jealous Devil is priced almost the same per pound as what I pay for Royal Oak at Home Depot. 
    • By CeramicChef
      Howdy Gurus!
      Nothing big here, just did a reverse sear on a Tri-Tip over FOGO.  I marinated it in my FoodSaver marinater.  If you don't have one, you should really check it out.  You can get one for under $20 at Amazon.  I highly recommend it.
      Here are a couple of pics at the beginning and end of the cook.  I just wasn't too ambitious last night, but all y'all get the idea.


      So there you have it.  I took the Tri-Tip to 120F on the grates, cranked up the volume to about 475F.  TheBeast took about 10 minutes to go from 200F to 475F.  I pulled at 128F, tented on the carving board for something like 7-10 minutes and then carved and served.  Just your typical reverse sear.
      Thanks for looking.
    • By CeramicChef
      Okay Gurus!
      I am happy to announce the delivery of 1,260 lbs. of FOGO to ChezChef.  That's 36 bags.
      Here is my friend Tom, the delivery driver with the FOGO.  He delivered both Beauty! and TheBeast.  Tom is one of the nicest guys I've met in a long time.  And he LOVES BBQ!

      Just a nice money shot of nothing but the FOGO.

      Here is a shot for some perspective.  Tom is an even 6' tall.

      And here is BBQ central at ChezChef.

      This is anywhere as exciting as the delivery of the bosco units KKs, but its a delivery nonetheless and I won't have to ever worry about running out of lump for some time to come!  
    • By CeramicChef
      This is a BIG piece even by FOGO standards!  That welders' gauntlet you see goes all the way to the elbow.

      Here is the gauntlet next to an average piece of FOGO.

    • By Pittsburgh
      So... I ve purchased FOGO several times through Amazon, and its kind of ruined me for other charcoals.  I started out using RO then KJ Lump and now after cooking on FOGO, I get real dissapointed when I open a bag of anything else that I buy locally.  I was wondering if anyone else feels the same way? and if anyone has found a cheaper alternative to FOGO? I ll still buy KJ Lump and I had pretty good luck with Wicked Good too.
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