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How to cook spare ribs on the Akorn???

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I have another post where I was asking about baby backs and it was super helpful for me.

I totally changed the way I do baby back ribs and ended up doing them naked for 4 hours at about 280 and my family thought they were the best we ever had. So thanks again.


I wanted to try some spare ribs before the end of the summer. So I was looking to do roughly the same exact thing but I'm wondering how long do most of you cook spare ribs?

I know it is all about cooking to temperature and not time but that never really seems to be the same with ribs.


I plan on putting them on the grill, getting the temp under 300 roughly, leaving the lid down for at least 4 hours.

How much longer would you cook for the difference between baby backs and spares? Or should I just check them at 4 hours?




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