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Akorn Jr vent repair suggestion

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My Junior's vent popped off a couple weeks ago.  The inner dome ring to which it affixes had rusted away (it's a pretty skinny piece of metal).


So I'll need to remove the inner ring and replace it, unfortunately the screw heads have rusted away too.  May just have to drill them out and hope there's enough thread left to hold the new ones.  Worst case scenario, I guess I could just cement the new vent in knowing it will be the last time.


Anyone out here ever run into this or have an idea?  Thanks.



AkornJr vent.jpg

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Grind them off smooth, position the new vent rotated about 5 to 10 degrees, drill three new pilot holes and use some good stainless screws?  You mights have to live with a slightly offset vent position but at least it should go smoothly.  Not sure if this is viable or not but would make sense to me.

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I don't remember the geometry of the area around this, and I'm at work and can't go look at my grill.  You could try taking a dremel tool and cutting a slot in the rusted head, then try backing the screws out with a flat head screw driver.  I'm not sure if these are sheet metal screws or machine thread screws.  If they are sheet metal screws, I'd try to keep the drill out as small as practical, and look at using pop rivets to replace them.  You could then replace it again (if needed) by drilling out the pop rivets.  If they are blind machine screws (doubtful), I'd try to back them out, maybe even cutting the heads off then using vice-grips to turn out the remaining base.  If you do have to drill machine screws out, you could possibly replace them by glueing in some studs, then securing the ring with nuts where the screw heads were. 


I'll try to look at this area in more detail tonight when I get home, so I can be more definitive with my answer.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks all for replies & ideas.  I may have to do something different.  Here's what happened:

  • Chargriller told me it wasn't covered under warranty because it was 3 years old, I needed to order the vent to get the mounting ring.
  • Vent arrives w/o mounting ring.  Chargriller now says mounting ring is riveted to the dome (looked like screws to me), not included w/ vent.
  • I'm now asking if the dome is covered for 5 years - that's how the warranty seems to read.


Anyway, if I'm not helped I may just decide to use an adhesive or mortar to reattach the vent and fill the gap.  Any suggestions on a product that can stand up to 700 degrees or so?





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if they are in fact threaded.. you might try one of the oils/sprays with a rust breaker on it . If they are threaded you can buy a screw extractor set and find one that fits the head after drilling a small hole in the head. I have some that are actually left handed twist drills and you chuck them up and run your drill in reverse. that will pull the screw out.


Of course, if it is a riveted....https://www.tamcotools.com/products/tool-steel-and-accessories/rivet-buster-steel/flat-chisels

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Could you post a picture of the bottom of your new vent?  If those screws thread into the new cap, then it should be an easy replacement.  You would just have to remove the old screws and thread the new ones through the holes and into the new cap. I would recommend a combination of drilling and grinding with a Dremel tool to remove the old screws, just remember to work slowly.  The base material is probably too thin and flexible to stand up to chiseling.  


If the screws don't go up into the new cap, and are designed to interface with something else, I can probably come up with another mounting technique that avoids a permanent gluing.  I design equipment for a living, and this sort of problem is routine for me.  Unfortunately, I have a big Akorn, not the JR, so I don't know what the exact geometry you are fighting with is.


One other thing, I would probably recommend adding some large washers to reinforce the area where the screw heads sit.  It appears thin enough to probably need some reinforcement.  You might want to get some fender washers and bend them to work with the geometry of the lid. 

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