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My Vision Journey


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Multi tasking with a pork shoulder.


When I cook a shoulder, I usually pack the left overs in quart ziplock bags, one pound per bag and freeze them. I had not gotten around to a shoulder on the kamado, as I had a couple pounds rumbling around in the freezer.

But then the October challenge came up. 1) Shoulder needed for the challenge, 2) opportunity to cook a shoulder on the kamado 3) experimented with the fire. 

I usually lay down some big block, and pour on a lit chimney of left over /fresh lump. Gets hot fast. This time I put down a couple monster chunks of KJBB, and dumped the unlit chimney of rubble on top, and buried one of these guys just under the top of the pile and lit it up..




After the fire got going, I put the lava rock and drip pan on the Vision hanger, grate on the low position, (fire bowl). After about a half hour, with a little fiddling, the dome thermometer and the oven thermometer on the grill were at 225. They stayed there for the entire cook, did not have to make further adjustments.  Lots of lump and a couple big chunks of hickory, small fire



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Fractured fire bowl tales....

I have had the Vision for almost 5 months. No issues. However, while cleaning earlier this week I noticed a hairline crack from the expansion joint to the bottom of the bowl.



I am not concerned, knowing the warranty and the frequency of this occurrence. So not posting as a complaint. What I would be interested in is hearing from other owners with fire bowl cracks. Where did it crack, is this the most common spot, or are the cracks occurring everywhere and anywhere?  

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I got a Vision B a couple of years ago and I went hard on that little booger for over a year. I have since bought other smokers so the Vision hasn't been used too much. However, I just got a Thermoworks Signals with Billows for Christmas. That set up will work best on the Vision and being able to check in or monitor a cook with my phone is really cool. Vision will be getting more work over here. 

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Couple of things:


Ash Basket. I cooked some ribs at 200-250, spatchcock chicken at 300-350, Pizza at 400-450. Worked well at all temps. On the ribs and chicken I used a tumbleweed fire starter, on the pizza a lit chimney of coal added to the leftover lump in the basket.


Ash vac. Today I cleaned out the kamado after the three above cooks. That thing worked great. Better than the rake, counter brush, or dust buster. It got into every nook and cranny. Much smaller. lighter, and easier than the full blown shop vac.

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Very Kuul, looks like your having fun and eating well, what could be better than that. Started my kamado cooking journey with a Vision pro C, and pretty much got all the accessories you have. I got the Vision AR Spider combo, ash vac, and all the other stuff. Makes your Vision very versatile and capable of multiple creative cooking  set ups. By the way, I love those tumble weed fire starters, they have become my "Go To" fire starting method. Happy cooking my friend. By the way, if you ever decide to get another kamado, the Large BGE will perfectly accept all your CGS Vision gear perfectly. I cook on a L BGE now and purchased it for just that reason.

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Live and learn.


I have cooked whole turkey, turkey breast, chicken on the Kamado and traeger many times , usually 315-350 degrees. They always come out moist, and tasty, not to Smokey. More of a roasted bird I guess.



 This time the Kamado settled in @ 300. I let ride it at that temp. I had a couple pieces of apple wood in the with the lump, per usual. The turkey had a good texture, and very moist. Crisp skin, if you like skin. It was noticeably smokier than usual. A little much for the GF, but she ate it. Pretty good I would say. Probably go back to 300+ in the future. 


And another thing, I have noticed that this forum turns pictures posted from my iPad sideways. Can’t find a way to fix that. They post correctly on other apps, websites.


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I noticed that Home Depot has the KJ classic for $699, I think Walmart is at $649. HD has the Vision B Series at $599. The gap on entry model Kamados is narrowing.


One of my buddies bought an egg about 15 years ago. At that time he added the BGE deflector, side tables, cover. Basic setup for smoking and grilling. Never updated.


After seeing my rig, he bought a pizza stone and peel, made some pizzas. Now he ordered the pswoo, extender and sliding d combo from CGS. 


I was interested in the extender and called CGS, they don't make the extender to fit the Vision woo. The CGS customer service rep told me the reason was because the Vision owners were usually "frugal".  I was not offended, nothing wrong with being a value shopper and getting what you need.


I would say someone looking at kamados at different price points needs to really look at present and future needs. Can you buy a variety of accessories to fit your grill? Maybe if you like making pizzas a KJ with a dojo is not so extravagant. Maybe for brisket and ribs, that oval shaped primo is the right choice. Big family, entertaining? Go for one of those big 24" behemoths. Right now, I don't like what I am reading regarding KJ customer service. Maybe a good local dealer can mitigate some, but not all problems.


I am very happy with my frugal Vision. 

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  I added a divider to my ash basket. Not much info on using one on the web. When l searched KG, most people never used the divider or used it once and forgot about it. A recent post from JS got me interested in banking the fire. I used to do that all the time on the kettle grill. 


I set it up East-West so air from the intake fed the fire, the half stone kept air from rushing out the top vent.



I fabbed a pan to catch drips and keep them out of the fire bowl.



Pork tenderloin at 225. Dialed up the temp to 300, direct cooked some Italian Sausage, then moved the pork to the direct side and caramelized the bbq sauce.




  I see the benefits of the divider for smaller cooks, and grilling a couple sausages or steaks. A grate could easily be placed on the fire bowl on the hot side for searing.  BTW, that half basket was all leftover lump. I took off about an inch, lit it in a chimney , poured it on and spread it out. Vents were set as usual. No need to adjust any different from the typical setting for a full basket.

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